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ANGEL TONES - 9,99,999,9999 | Positive Angelic Vibrations

ANGEL TONES - 9,99,999,9999 | Positive Angelic Vibrations

Greetings Lovies,

The following message came from my personal guide/angel Ettennyll with the instruction to share it -

You are a unique creature. Although you are one with all things and all other beings, your uniqueness is both a strength and a weakness. As a species, it is time for your awakening. This awakening is the next step in your evolution. As many around your plant talk of revolution, may I suggest EVOLUTION?!

As more of you awaken to the real reality of this Earth Plane, you will realize how much effect your thoughts have on this dimension. Your thoughts have a greater impact than you know! This has been a hard lesson for you (humans) to learn. Coming to this Earth plane has made it difficult for you to see past this existence. It is important for you to know at this time, more than ever, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! YOU ARE GREATLY LOVED!

We are closer to you than you realize! Look within for guidance, we will be there! That wee small voice you hear within is not your imagination, it is us! Follow the feeling you have that is associated with following the heart. Follow your inner knowing. Ask for guidance and it will be given. In order to fulfill your purpose here, it is important that you love yourself. Make this one thing, your life's mission. Raise your vibration to that of love and love will match you and seek you out.

It is now time to move to the next level in your evolution. Even if you feel that you are alone in this quest. it is important!

It is now time to move to the next level! Seek within to hear the sound of the creator. Connect with the energetic frequency of LOVE.

Seek love in all things, above all things! - Ettennyll

The intention of this recording is to aid the listener in connecting with the angel realm. It is also intended to be a meditation type treatment for approximately 90-minutes.

This recording can be beneficial as background music for various bodywork such as, Massage, Reiki, Craniosacral, or any work that is done in a quiet safe environment for the full 90-minute interval.

It is important to listen to the recording in its entirety. This recording is created to be a treatment of its own. The sweeps of tones are precise and are intended to bring about altered states of consciousness for the purpose of healing. Getting up in the middle of this treatment can have adverse effects such as extreme drowsiness and or dizziness. This is temporary but can be avoided if the treatment is completed by listening all the way to the end. Although the listener may fall asleep during this treatment and usually does, this is not intended as a sleep inducer.

The binaural beats in this recording are designed to bring your consciousness from fully awake (Alpha or above) down to deep healing sleep (Delta) then back up to fully awake. While simultaneously sweeping specific frequencies with the intention of health improvement, all in about 90-minutes.

Listening to this recording often is key to unlocking the brain's entrainment to these tones and beats. The goal is to create Sympathetic Resonance within the body which is the place where the body starts to vibrate at the healing vibration that is being induced by the recording.

I hope you enjoy and find benefit from these videos. Thank you for your interest.


Please: Listen to this recording only when you can relax and devote your time to this meditation.

-Do not drive or operating machinery while listening to this recording as it may induce drowsiness.

- Do not consider this recording of powerful healing vibration to be a substitute for a doctor's care.

- Do not listen to this recording if you have epilepsy or other neurological disorders that may be triggered by the tones and beats this recording provides. If you are in doubt, talk to your doctor first.

-This recording is for experimental and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, or cure any disease.

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Don't forget to leave a comment below of your experience with this recording.

I bid you Health, I bid you Wealth I bid you Wisdom... Most of all I bid you LOVE! Blessings

Llynnette Love

This track is channeled from the Angelic Realm.

Music created and recorded by: Llynnette.

Copyright ⓒ 2020 - Llynnette™ - Aquarian Body Harmonics™.

All Rights Reserved.

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