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Self-Healing Through Sound

Aquarian Body Harmonics is now Aquarian Harmonics Studio

You may be looking for Aquarian Body Harmonics and it may be confusing to see that it has changed to Aquarian Harmonics - Llynnette Love.

If you have been a past client of Aquarian Body Harmonics, you may be expecting to find Massage and Body Work information and how to make an appointment to see me in my home studio. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and now variants, Aquarian Body Harmonics has been forced to be retooled to include healing services by distance. Furthermore, Aquarian Harmonics Studio's main focus is to bring healing modalities to the public while creating a safe environment for both practitioner and client. At this time, I will not be offering in person services such as massage and hands-on work.

These changes are partly what has brought about the creation of recorded music with the purpose of relaxation and healing vibrations integrated in the music. 

I look forward to working with you in the future as we figure out the new normal.


Llynnette Love

Llynnette Love

Sound Healer - Celestial Channel - Author - YouTube Creator

Welcome to this space and time

Greetings Beautiful Soul Family!

I am Llynnette Love, creator of Aquarian Harmonics

In this virtual space I offer Meditation, Teachings and Frequency Elevating Music.

I draw on 30 odd years of experience with Massage Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Meditation and various Healing modalities to create recorded music for meditation, healing, relaxation and sleep.

Some music is created from electronic sources like music software, electronic keyboards, Q-Cord, Seaboard to name a few. Some recordings are created with various instruments such as crystal singing bowls and crystal harp in 432 Hz. Also, wind chimes, native flute, native drum, wave drum, and voice may be used. These recordings are sometimes combined with nature sounds.

Most of these recordings are embedded with various frequencies by pitching the music to various tunings. Usually 432 Hz is used, as well as all nine solfeggio tunings. Playing these recordings in the background of relaxing activates can shift the listeners frequency to that of the music. This happens through sympathetic resonance and can be helpful to receive the desired result within the body.

Recordings pared with videos can be showcased on YouTube by visiting the channel - Aquarian Harmonics and Hypnotics

==>> The purpose of these recordings is to help the listener to raise their energetic vibration to bring about positive change in their body, their life and for them to expanding out into the world and universe. We ARE ONE!

I am working hard to recreate my business and my life after having to close my massage practice in 2020 due to the virus.  As I have more content it will be added in my blog.




It takes a lot of equipment to create my music and to have a functional sound studio. The items listed below are things I have purchase on Amazon and have been useful to me in my music and video production as well as my healing practice.

Purchasing any of the product listed below will result in a small commission for this website.

Thank you for your purchases.