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What to expect


Aquarian Body Harmonics is owned and operated by a single therapist Llynnette VanHooser. Llynnette has been a Certified Massage Therapist through the State of California CAMTC since 1994.

Llynnette is a professional Massage Therapist and takes her chosen profession seriously. If there is anything you require to make your visit more comfortable, please don't hesitate to ask

Scheduled Time:

After booking the first session,  the client will receive either an email or text, clients choice, that will request the guest to read the Aquarian Body Harmonics policies page. Once read the guest should respond to the correspondence with the word "Agree" or "Confirm" to indicate the page has been read and the terms are agreeable. Confirmation also means you agree to the time and date scheduled for your treatment.

Once the guest responds as indicated above, a second correspondence will be received, with the  address and directions to Llynnette's home studio. Just as Llynnette does not share your personal information, She also requests that you respect her privacy and not give her personal information to anyone.

When the guest arrives to the first appointment, the guest will be requested to fill out a Client Intake form. This is very important, as it informs the therapist of any physical issues the guest may have. In this way the  therapist can create an effective massage specifically for each individual guest.

Massage Room Etiquette:

After filling out the Client Intake form the therapist will go over it with the client and start the process of creating a strategy for approaching the issues outlined. This is a good time to let your therapist know, what you expect to achieve with this massage experience. The Therapist will leave the treatment room while the client undress to their comfort level and gets on the table covered by the sheet and/or blanket. If the client needs assistance getting on or off the table, the therapist can give assistance. Just request it before the therapist leaves the room.

For modesty the client may choose to wear their undergarments. However it is best if ladies remove their bra in order for the Therapist to work the back area. Any area that is covered by an undergarment will be avoided during the treatment, the client will not be asked to remove a garment once on the table.

Once on the table, the client is covered or "Draped" at all times. Only the area which is being worked on will be un-draped at any time. Once an area has been worked the area will be re-draped.

It is requested that the client come to the session showered and ready to receive their massage treatment.

Please turn off cell phones before entering the treatment room to better enhance your relaxation experience.

For further clarification please see the Policies page or contact Aquarian Body Harmonics via phone or text 707-400-7297.

Thank you and enjoy your experience!

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