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Saunas are said to be one of the most effective, easy ways to take care of your body. A sauna’s heat releases muscle tension and soothes nerve endings, therefore relieving your body of tension and stress. Saunas are also very helpful in alleviating chronic migraines and headaches, plus can even induce sleep for those who are insomniacs. 
The sauna’s heat also helps your body to release endorphins, which is the same chemical that is released after working out. So, when your body cools back down, it releases doses of melatonin, which is a natural inducement of sleep. 
Both dry and steam saunas help increase circulation; however, steam saunas help with congestion and bronchial problems. For those with a stubborn cold, allergies or asthmatic problems, a steam sauna can really provide significant results. 
The best thing to do after sitting in the steam sauna? Get a massage. From foot Reflexology to Hot Stone massages, you can add any massage to complete your relaxing, spa experience! Serving the Clear Lake CA area since 2012!