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Harmonic Emotional Release Therapy

Harmonic Emotional Release is what I call what I do with Energetic Healing. Since I use a combination of modalities that work in conjunction with each other to bring about deep emotional healing and ultimately transformation, it is hard to give it just one name or attribute it to one modality.

What is Harmonic Emotional Release?

Harmonic Emotional Release is a form of emotional release therapy that works on a quantum level. It does not require the client to feel the old stuck emotions or relive disturbing memories to get relief. Harmonic Emotional Release is done by combining several modalities I have learned over the years.

The first technique I use is what is commonly known as muscle testing or I have heard it called kinesiology. I simply call it body dowsing. This technique allows me to bypass the recipient's conscious mind and talk directly to the subconscious mind by communicating energetically directly to the body. Since the subconscious mind is a supercomputer and for all of its intelligence, it's just that, intelligence and memory. All it knows is what it has experienced or what it thinks it has experienced. This is why it is possible to re-program the subconscious mind to think and act in a particular way.

Old programming can essentially be erased and new programming put in its place. Programing to the choosing of the individual. The subconscious mind records memories the way it perceives it at the time the event is happening. Sometimes these memories are difficult and we would rather not remember them. Both fortunately and unfortunately, the supercomputer of the subconscious mind likes to solve things. So if the behavior of another was perceived as hurtful, the subconscious may get "stuck" on a particular event and become unable to move forward in day to day life. This can manifest as mentally re-living an unpleasant memory over and over again. This re-living a negatively charged emotion can also creating negative self-talk and in turn, destructive life choices.

These "stuck" emotions can over time create an environment where dis-ease starts to affect the physical body. It is my belief and the belief of others that dis-ease within the body is caused almost exclusively by stuck emotion and traumatic experiences. Stuck memories are attached to emotions. When stuck memories from trauma either physical or mental exist, this can cause a blockage in the body.

Harmonic Emotional Release is a wonderful way to remove these blockages. By asking the subconscious directly, I am able to pinpoint a stuck emotion and release it. One of the wonderful things about this type of therapy is that the person does not have to relive the event emotionally. The practitioner simply asks the subconscious and through a series of questions, is guided to pinpoint a specific blockage that is ready to be released.

When the conscious mind is bypassed in this process, I work directly with the root blockages that sometimes a person didn't consciously know they had. When these blockages are released in this process, the recipient does not have to re-live the memory. Sometimes the recognition of the blockage may come up, however, it is usually not so strong that the recipient becomes reactionary to it. Once the blockage is removed the recipient may find they feel a lot less triggered by things that used to set them off. They may notice their personality mellowing as they go back out into their life after treatments.

This treatment is done clothed and, the recipient should lay down to receive the treatment. I tune into your body and I conduct an interview with your subconscious through speaking directly to the recipient's body to figure out how best to provide assistance.

The emotional blockages are removed in this modality by way of sound vibration. I apply vibration resonating from a tuning fork of a specific frequency to the ethereal body as well as the physical body. The frequency is applied for a minimum of 18 seconds at a time. Which is how long it takes for a lower vibration to entrain and change to the new higher vibration. This change in frequency is what breaks up the stuck emotion and thus clears the stuck emotion and the issue associated with it.

As the gentle vibration is applied, I may advise the recipient to take a few deep breaths. This breathing helps to get the energetic-flow moving in the area being treated as well as the body in general.

After the initial treatment, the recipient will lay still for about 15 minutes to allow time to process. At this time an energy balancing session, using crystals and sound will be performed. This portion of the treatment has been described as very relaxing. Some people even fall asleep.

It is not unusual to remove 6 - 10 blockages in a single session. Removing more than 10 blockages in a session can sometimes be a little overwhelming for the recipient so it is not advisable to do more than that at one time. It is recommended to receive 6 consecutive sessions.  3 sessions per week for 2 weeks.

It is important for the recipient to be hydrated before the session. Hydration will help the body process quicker and more efficiently. If the recipient is not hydrated properly, they may be required to drink some water just before the session begins or even during the session at various times.

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