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Crystal Energy Clearing

A little help from Mother Earth

Crystals are known to have the ability to hold memory. Most crystals used today are thousands if not millions of years old. Mystics from around the world agree that crystals hold the memories of the ancient earth. The records of what has happened since the beginning are all recorded there waiting for those who are in tune enough to reveal them.

When we think of crystals we usually bring up the visual image of quartz crystals. Although quartz maybe some of the most dynamic of stones, more than just quartz crystals are used in the art of crystal healing and energy clearing. Other high energy gemstones are also used in balancing the various energies of the body. Some of the stones used in a session include but are not limited to, amethyst, garnet, malachite, moonstone, rose quartz, lake county diamond, jasper, onyx, fluorite, etc. Each stone is individually chosen according to its natural vibration and the change that the practitioner desires to create in the client.

When looking at stones we not only look at the color, we look at the molecular makeup of the stone. Just like everything in our universe, stones vibrate within a specific frequency. This frequency is tapped into in order to bring about change within the body thus bringing it to homeostasis for the particular organ or part of the body in need of correction and balance.

Sometimes stones are laid directly on the body usually over an energy center or on an energy meridian which collates with a particular organ. Othertimes the stones are used to clear blocked energy from a particular part of the body such as where there may be an injury due to physical trauma.

Quartz crystals or magnetic hematite aka magnetite can be used to clear emotional blockages. When the practitioner is able to bring a blocked emotion to the surface the energetic residue of the stuck emotion can be cleared simply by tracing the central meridian with either a quartz crystal or magnetite.

Stones that have been shaped into hearts or other shapes can also be used to help magnify the desired healing frequency. All stones carry a natural frequency, many of those frequencies are beneficial to an organic bioelectric body such as humans and animals poses. It is possible to amplify those natural frequencies by shaping the stone into something that is related to the desired frequency. Another way to amplify the frequency is by carving or etching symbols into the stone to create the desired frequency.

Stones can also be placed in drinking water to charge the water with the frequency most desirable for the sought after result. This is as simple as placing the stones in the water for about 15 minutes before drinking it. Sometimes the result can be so overwhelming that the recipient needs to drink small amounts of the infused water until they adjust to the increase in energy frequency.

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60 Minutes - $100


Conditions Llynnette does NOT work with: Bipolar, Schizophrenia(or other serious mental disorders), late-stage ALS, late-stage MS, serious back or neck pain due to injury (if back pain is due to inflammation or arthritis then Llynnette has success with this).


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